Daily Trips

Chersonissos, Limanakia, Agios Georgios, Stalida

Morning Daily Trip

10:00 – 14:00
Duration: 4 hours
Capacity: up to 8 pax

10:00 departure from Chersonissos port

10:30 ancorage at Agios Georgios

10:30-12:30 Free time for activities (swimming, snorkelling, sunbathing on deck, fishing, comfortable lounge aboard)

12:30-13:00 Lunch time: sea food pasta, greek traditional salad with fresh cretan virgin oil, seasonal fruits and free beverages: water, soft drinks,wine and traditional cretan raki (free during lunch time)

13:00-14:00 open sailing to Stalida and back to Chersonissos port

***bar service: available beverages on demand during sailing (according to price list on board)
***Special food requests on demand (vegetarian, vegan, allergies please notify on booking)


Sunset Sailing Cruise

17:00 - 21:00
Duration: 2h30
Capacity: up to 6pax

17:00 departure from Chersonissos port

17:30 ancorage at Agios Georgios

19:00 - 20.00 taste the local cretan wine, served with a variety of traditional mini pies and cretan cheese, conclude with fresh fruits and traditional raki.

20:30 return time to Chersonissos port

***bar service: available beverages on demand during sailing (according to price list on board)
***Special food requests on demand (vegetarian, vegan, allergies please notify on booking)

Put on your smile and bring your towels, we will do the rest for you!!! 

Private Sailing Trip

Chersonissos, Limanakia, Agios Georgios, Stalida, Dia, Spinalonga

Live the experience of the Cretan Sea and feel the superb performance under sail, skippered or not, on an half or full-day cruise, or a sunset cruise, or create your own dreamy trip.

It’s not about the destination, it’s all about valuable moments of life that create unique stories to tell!

Services Included

Comfortable lounge and Bar service (wine, beer,
raki ) aboard, Fishing
accessories, Sea toys, Float, Sup.

Lunch: Tzatziki& Rusk or Bread, Greek Salad, Sea food Pasta & white wine, seasonal fruits and raki.

Bar Service: refreshments on demand during sailing, according to price list on board.

Special Requests: special meals for vegetarian, vegan orallergicupon request on booking.

Special Lunch or Dinner

Cretan Dakos

The traditional “kolatsio” (snack) during the "poor" era became one of the indispensable first courses of a modern meal.

The double-baked bread is made into a loaf to keep it intact over time. It is moistened with the juices of the tomato and the fresh virgin olive oil to soften it and give the necessary freshness in its taste, elevated by the sprinkled hand-grated feta or mizithra. Cretan olives from our own olive trees complete the final flavour.


The traditional dolmades with rice and yogurt are a delicious dish of the Greek cuisine and the most enjoyable main meal of the summer. We make them with fresh vine leaves and a rice filling that is enhanced by the fresh tomato and the pure olive oil.


Cretan hortopitakia are made from the forbs and herbs that the Cretan land offers in every season such as fennel, Mediterranean hartwort, chards, spinach, dandelion, fresh onions, sorrel leaves, euphorbia, wild leeks wrapped in handmade dough and fried in fresh olive oil.

Skioufichta with Apaki & dry Anthotyros

Crete’s take on linguine is skioufichta makaronia, which name derives from the rolling motion of the hand when molding the dough. A slightly different approach to other forms of pasta, skioufichta makaronia needs more time to boil, and according to the traditional version, they are served with Apaki & dry Anthotyros.

Meditteranean Green Salad
with walnuts, dried figs and petimezi dressing

In the Greek diet and Mediterranean diet (basically the same thing!), everyone knows that the more colorful a salad, the healthier. This roster of Mediterranean diet ingredients blends together perfectly and creates a rainbow that is seasonal, but can also be enjoyed throughout the year.