Snorkelling, Sup, Sailing Lessons,Fishing


An easy and affordable way to view the cretan marine life. An enjoyable water sport activity for the whole family. Make sure you get the right gear for you and your family to maximise comfort and enjoyment of your day. (Covid-19 restrictions do not allows us to provide such equipment)


Stand Up Paddleboarding is perfect for those who want to have fun on the water, to explore new places with such a simple bit of equipment while cruising in the crystal clear waters of the north coast of Crete. Once your ready to go we will show you the few techniques that will help you get exploring. Join us with your interest and we will join you with the Paddleboards and its accessories.

Sailing Lessons

For those of you new to sailing, a cruise on the north coast is the perfect opportunity for taking the first steps. Our experienced skipper is more that willing to induct you in the breathtaking adventure of mastering a sailing boat, trim the sails and steering the wheel, make your way with the compass.


Fishing from your boat is one of the many fun activities while cruising. Quite rewarding activity, catching your own supper from the sea is a wonderful sensation, which can be exciting and relaxing at the same time. Just provide positive thinking and we provide the equipment!